The Bright Side of Global Lockdown

All of us know that, as to why the governments all over the world are calling for lockdown in their regions. Covid-19 has really turned the tables down for us. As soon as the news about a new virus had started to fly the global community started taking safety measures, first, they screened people on airports and when they confirmed cases of corona virus, with some research during that time about the virus countries all over the called for lockdown and implemented harsh rules on its individuals to prevent them from going out, with all its harsh effects we are going to discuss the bright side of the global lockdown.

Some Details...

As long as the countries went under lockdown,  brands all over the world started their campaigns to support the steps of government for making people stay at home so that they stay away from the harm. The bright side of global lockdown is this, brands have given the best of their offers to people but the real turn around of the lockdown has proven to be on climate. The air quality index of the countries that have locked down due to corona virus have increased statistics from all over the world showed an increase in the air quality of the cities that pollute the air because they burn fossil fuels both in transportation and industry. Since both of the sectors are locked down our environment is in good shape.

The Bright side of Global Lockdown Must Stay This Way

Now that a pandemic has shown us the brightness of the global pandemic and how can we preserve our environment, we must do something to keep it that way. We must restrict ourselves to search for more fossil fuels from the ground and switch towards environment-friendly procedures. According to intellectuals our way of living is also the reason for the environmental crisis. Like, we have added certain things in our daily lives that cause this problem of climate change is burning fossil fuels. The lockdown that every country has now implemented came with this opportunity to save our planet. The governments that have taken these measures also know about these stats of air quality index. Most of the countries are trying to switch towards bio energy to save their environment. They should in a way restrict these industrialists and transporting sectors so that they get in a balanced circle of nature. In an ecosystem most of the living beings live on each other’s resources. Our technology and we cut that balance and bring its own barriers that cause all the fuss in the world. The lockdown due to corona virus has shown us what happens when we lock our industries and restrict our transportation which is the bright side of global lockdown

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