The Epidemic Of Corona Virus

Currently, more than 200 states all over the world are facing more. People all over the world are affected by it. In the meantime, scientists are working days and nights to make a cure to fight this pandemic. So, how did this happen? Where did it start? Have we been in a situation like this before? How long is it going to take for making the cure? And how much is it stay longer? Here is every detail about the Corona Virus that you need to know to both take care of you and your loved ones.


Microbes have bee living among us, in fact, they are the oldest living creature on our planet. Pandemics are caused by two types of microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Viruses are the real problem here because 1st the can not be treated with the help of antibiotics and secondly they try to destroy our immune system. The immune system is the system that allows us to fight the diseases that try to hack our body cells. Fighting a disease that weakens our defense system is hard and making a cure that smart and ingenious takes time and money.


Now wildlife has more than 1.6 million zoonotic diseases and we know about 3000 only. Consider the risk that we put ourselves in when we interact with the wild animals. Here is how these things cause problems. In 1918 a farmer was having a normal seasonal flu, he interacted with a chicken on his farm, that chicken had its own flu which normally known as bird flu when the human flu mixed with the chicken flu or bird flu it developed into a complex virus. When that interacted with a pig, that is where the problems began to see, In the pig, the virus took its most dangerous shape the one that scientists called H1N1. When the farmer ate that pig it infected him and from him, the chain reaction began. H1N1 killed 5 percent of the population on earth at that time.

The epidemic of Corona Virus

On 31st of December 2019, Chinese officials informed the WHO about the epidemic of Corona Virus. that they are facing a new kind of pneumonia-like disease which they have named Covid-19. Chinese officials also briefed the WHO about the safety measures that they have taken to fight this virus. China is one of the trading hubs all over the world and, people visit the country very often. And that is how the disease spread.


The Internet is key to every current affair problem. You can check about what the experts are saying, Don’t go outside your house when outside don’t touch things when touched don’t touch your face, nose, ears or mouth. Keep social distancing from people. If you are not feeling well call an ambulance. Don’t worry, Corona Virus has only a 2 percent chance to kill you. Together we will fight this epidemic of Corona Virus.

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